Simple and free accounting software

Available to small business operators with up to 2 businesses, 2 bank accounts per business and 5 employees.

Includes Payroll and Invoicing.

At Zipbookz, our aim is to provide a simple and free bookkeeping facility for small businesses.

  • Are you tired of complicated accounting software packages?
  • Are you tired of paying for services that you dont fully utilise?
  • Are you tired of paying for unnecessary upgrades?

At Zipbookz we have developed a simple cash accounting software package that delivers on functionality with the added advantage of providing payroll and invoicing facilities free of charge.


  • Simple to use
  • Payroll (up to five employees) and Invoicing included
  • You can email invoices, statements, payroll slips instantly
  • Complete reports including P&L, GST and BAS
  • Full reports - drill down to individual entries.

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Zipbookz origin

Zipbookz is a free facility for small business operators. Zipbookz originated from a small business operator wanting a simple and easy bookkeeping program that didn't cost a fortune. There didn't seem to be any available so he decided to create one himself. He enjoyed some measure of success in business so now Zipbookz has been made available free of charge to small business operators who can't afford or don't need complex and expensive software to do simple bookkeeping.

Dont be limited by your accounting software.

Dont spend your day making money and then all night doing the bookwork.

With a tablet, notebook or PC it is so easy to email the invoice to the client instantly ensuring you get your money sooner and have more time to do the things you like.

Whether in the office, at home or on the move, Zipbookz accounting software allows you the freedom to easily keep track of your business financials with and easy, flexible bookkeeping system.

Easy for business people on the move!

Invoice on the job

If you are a tradie or someone on the move - email the invoice to the client before you even leave the job!

Completely free.

In a small way, we are giving small business a hand up.

Easy To Use.

Forget complicated! Enjoy simple and functional bookkeeping.

Easy Access by Accountant.

Easily set up access for your accountant to assess your figures.

Full suite of features.

Payroll, Invoicing, Accounting and Loan recording facilities.