Zipbookz Costs

Our costs include the full suite of features
Accounting - Invoicing - Payroll!

We understand small business.
We believe that small business is the backbone of the Australian economy and deserve every assistance possible. Consequently we have set our subscription prices to an absolute minimum. Forget costly and unnecessary update fees and other costs!

Our prices are what you pay - NOTHING MORE!

Why not simply charge at three or four different levels?

By paying for exactly the number of businesses, bank accounts and employees on payroll you have, saves you money!

Cost Structure (inc GST)

ItemCost Per Year
Subscription fee$29.00 pa
Businesses$10.00 per business pa
Bank Accounts$5.00 per account pa
Payroll Employees (2 Free) Nil
Payroll Employees after two employees $5.00 each pa

Example - including Payroll and Invoicing

Fees for 1 business with 1 bank account and 2 employees
with unlimited users:
$29.00 pa subscription Fee
$10.00 pa for 1 Business
$5.00 pa for 1 bank account
$44.00 TOTAL PER YEAR (Only $3.67 per month)

With 5 employees on payroll $15.00 pa
$59.00 TOTAL PER YEAR (Only $4.92 per month)